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a (rather crude) no Manhattan lofts diversion with ‘advice’ for the departing

there’s a Manhattan real estate angle I’m a big fan of the Ask A New Yorker feature on Gothamist and of the type of articles to which Jake Dobkins refers in the latest effort, Ask A Native New Yorker: Why Is

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diversion for mothers (and mofos) on a beautiful Sunday

  (on which it, somehow, forgot to rain) I flagged this item from Gothamist when it was fresh on April 29. Today is a good day for a lovely (they say “phenomenal”) aerial photo of New York City, taken from

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diversion / when Manhattan skyscrapers and sky were further apart, circa 1900

Manhattan skyline and skyscrapers from 100 years agoThis will take some clicking around, but there is a reward. If, that is, you’d like to see what "skyscrapers" looked like in Manhattan back when such things were being born. This discussion

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democracy in the death notices / from Agel to Ballard with a stop at Astor

  I must have been stuck on the subway on Tuesday, too crowded to turn pages on my NY Times Metro section. The last page of the Metro included Death Notices, which I usually don’t read but which was reachable

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elections can be rough / not *those* elections

  LincolnTowers coop board election generates defamation suit The Daily News reported on a defamation suit brought by a candidate for the coop board in one of the Lincoln Towers, showing that electoral hardball is not confined to traditional politics.

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where the (wild?) things are / the distribution of the

  Gothamist created a lovely map from 2000 census data reflecting the residence of people who claim to be in the arts, design, entertainment and sports businesses (sports?), which make up what urban theorist Richard Florida describes as the “creative

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