the end of the year, as we know it

how did this creep up on me??
I was thinking about doing a kind of 2012 In Review post, but started thinking about it too late to actually (you know) do anything serious about it. The I was thinking about doing a Top Ten (or twelve, or whatever) recap, measured by number of hits. In scrolling back to see where the cut-off would be, I realized a few interesting (to me) things about this blog.

The big one: The Google must love Manhattan Loft Guy, as the number of times a blog post gets clicked on is much more a function of time than anything else. I learned that 29 posts were hit more than a thousand times and that every one of them was posted in the first part of the year. And that just going back to December 2011, nearly every post in that month was hit at least a thousand times. Go back to early 2010 and about 20% of the posts have 2,000 or more hits.

In other words, relatively few people find Manhattan Loft Guy posts when they are fresh. These babies have very long tails. So if it takes you until December 31, 2013 to read this post, Happy New Year 2014. For you current readers, Happy 2013!

By the way, this will be post number 293 for 2012, of 1,944 total posts since March 2006. And for my last Note to Self … of 2012: remember to change the small font copyright date.

© Sandy Mattingly 2012

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