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no barbecue until you remember, please

new link, then some repriseYou’re all grown-ups, so can do what you want. But if you begin your holiday festivities today before acknowledging that the holiday today is a somber one, you’re not doing it right. I was going to

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Sunday diversion / real live hero at 22, public servant until 88 edition

rest in peace, brother Inouye US Senator from Hawaii Daniel Inouye died this week at age 88, after having been the longest serving member of the Senate since Robert Byrd’s passing in 2010. That means he was about 63 when

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will shill for friends / author's book reading tonight

no shame!After shilling (twice!) for a documentary about I. M. Pei by Anne Makepeace (and others) shown on PBS on March 31 (March 31, 9 PM on PBS: I M Pei documentary, March 24, shilling for I M Pei), it

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