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it’s only $15,000, but 449 Washington Street sales show the value of secrets to developers

there’s a celebrity angle to this Tribeca loft story I don’t usually talk about Manhattan loft sales in new development projects, but the recent publicity for the sale of a “1,665 sq ft” Manhattan loft denominated “Unit 3” at 449 Washington

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revisiting the NY Times “time to PANIC!!!” piece with more (contrary) Manhattan loft sales data

what does “almost becoming the norm” mean in TimesSpeak?The inter-tubes are still buzzing over that main real estate article in Sunday’s New York Times, In A Seller’s Market, Every Minute Counts, which I hit in my same day post, June

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it's the demand, stupid / Manhattan Q3 market numbers

not supply, but demand I usually focus on the inventory number as a key number in any Manhattan real estate market reports, but the inventory numbers this quarter are overwhelmed in significance by the demand number — the raw number

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Lake Wobegon lofts sell for more than $1,246/ft

  crunch, crunch Miller, crunch, crunch Samuel I have finally gotten to spend a little time staring at the fourth page of the Miller Samuel Second Quarter Manhattan Market Overview, the page with the loft synopsis.   As per usual,

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data are limited (point taken), but what next / NY Times column about the flaws in reported housing data

  Economix mixes data and opinion to complain about data David Leonhardt’s thoughtful “Economix” column this week in the NY Times highlights the conundrum of home price statistics, What Statistics On Home Sales Aren’t Saying.   His general point is

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