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Times article disconnect / why developers should build schools UPDATED

is it about the links?Yesterday’s NY Times article by Christine Haughney in The Appraisal feature, Parents’ Real Estate Strategy: Schools Come First, got a lot of attention in the blogosphere, and probably in the real world, also (of course, the

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new at 67 Hudson

  charming alley + pin drop quiet Yet another second floor loft hit me in the eye today, with the clever marketing of “1,144 sq ft” at 67 Hudson Street #2B. New this weekend through Karine Spritzer of PruDE for

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Emily Litella and the PS 234 Annex

  The on-again-late-again schedule for the annex for Tribeca’s PS 234 is on again. The 10,000 sq ft annex is now expected to open next September, so ignore the warnings that it would not open for a year later.  

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