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how can a full price deal disappoint? when the Chelsea loft sells off nearly $2M from start

Manhattan loft price discovery can be slow & painful The folks who sold the “3,300 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6F at 205 West 19 Street in prime Chelsea last month evidently hit their limit when they dropped their ask to

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original owner finally sells 255 Hudson Street loft, plays nicely with StreetEasy Index

4 events in the life of a Soho loft, 2 non-sales, 2 are sales The “1,174 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5E at 255 Hudson Street at the bottom of Soho has been around for less than 8 years, but it

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119 Chambers Street loft with roof view discovers its clearing price, eventually

nicely played, photographer; nicely playedThe listing photos in support of the recent sale of the “2,236 sq ft” Manhattan loft  on the 4th floor at 119 Chambers Street don’t lie: that is the Gehry building and that is the Woolworth

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59 John Street loft seller takes forever to take a bath

if at first you don’t succeed …?The guy who paid $1,527,375 for the “1,651 sq ft” newly converted Manhattan loft #8C at 59 John Street in 2007 may never have thought that he was going to make a lot of

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floor plan envy, as 110 West 25 Street loft cuts + sells

a fan letter for 2 dimensionsSavor, if you will, the floor plan of the Manhattan loft on the 4th floor at 110 West 25 Street, a “2,500 sq ft” loft that sold on March 7 at $2.4mm after having more

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into the way-back machine to close at 42 East 20 Street, down seven figures

not bullish at allThe bloom is definitely off the bull at 42 East 20 Street, a/k/a the Bullmoose Condominium, which was a huge success in the wave of Manhattan loft conversions in 2003. Another candidate for how the mighty have

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the problem of price discovery (hint: you have to pay attention)

if a tree falls in the forest …I’ve been mulling a long-ish post on price discovery for quite a while (not writing it, obviously; just mulling). Pulling together some interesting riffs by other bloggers and news articles and market activity

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