serenity has its price / 270 W 19 St in contract

successful marketing campaign nearly complete
270 West 19 Street #4B seems like one of those “unique” lofts that is truly distinctive. It has been marketed by Laurie Karpowich at Corcoran that way, which worked to the extent of getting a contract within 4 four weeks. Not too shabby in a possibly ‘jittery’ market.

Nothing cookie cutter about the description (though I don’t love the syntax). “
you are immediately taken by the beautiful courtyard visible from any of your oversized windows or private terrace. With giant elm trees and manicured back yards its [sic] hard to believe you are in the heart of the new Chelsea…” There’s more, of course, but that’s part of the opening.

The challenges here included only “1,085 sq ft” for a 2 bedroom loft – hardly spacious. That, and asking a new construction price.

Marketing a loft is all about attracting the right buyers with the right set of expectations, then meeting those expectations. “Sun-drenched” better be bright; “classic” loft better have character; “soaring” ceilings better not be 10 feet, etc. Since not all lofts are created equal, some indication of how this one is different is a very good thing.

As I have said now in three open house reviews, they are selling serenity at this loft, and not being bashful about the price. $1.525mm and $820/mo (condo; pretty low!) for “1,085 sq ft” is $1,400/ft, In a building in which the best sale so far has been just under $1,200/ft.

That sale was the loft below this one in June 2006, which was marketed at about 200 miles an hour with descriptions such as “every piece of important “apartment jewelry’“, “condo loft has BLING!“, “[b]espoke Italian new kitchen and baths and hi-end super-luxe designer details throughout- this is the condo loft you never thought you would find“, “[l]ive like you imagined with soaring ceiling heights, pin-drop quiet, blinding open South AND East light“. (Raise your hand if you know that “bespoke” means handmade.)

serenity trumps bling??
I guess that bling-bling worked for #3B; selling serenity has certainly worked for #4A. The seller paid $1.195mm when the building was converted in November 2005, so should be very happy with the serene approach.

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