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both 245 + 252 Seventh Avenue sell under $1,000/ft, for different reasons

Schwarzenegger + DeVito style ‘twins’Two Manhattan lofts across Seventh Avenue from each other along West 24 Street closed on March 23. Both are said to be just over 2,250 sq ft, neither has much of a view, both cleared just

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new development limping towards finish line

  will it cross?There’s a new development property that has been offering Manhattan lofts for sale for so long that I used to regularly refer to it when I commented on active listings of other firms. When I noted a

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what's up with this down? Sugar closes on Laight Street under $1,000/ft

wishing for 2008?The last time I hit sales at 79 Laight Street, December 4, 2008, Sugar is sweet but 79 Laight Street closing is better, there were several recent sales. One was just under $1,000/ft, the other was nearly $1,100/ft.

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114 East 13 St lofts go 3-for-3 above $1,000/ft

nice streak in this season, but what does it mean?The Manhattan loft #6A at 114 East 13 Street closed on December 15, pretty successfully, at $1.3mm. This "1,200 sq ft" condo loft was offered at $1.395mm since August 24 and

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161 Hudson Street closed after 14 weeks, up 33% (since 2004)

don’t worry about the interimThe Manhattan loft #2B at 161 Hudson Street had a pretty good run through the 2009 market, starting at $2.7mm in March, dropping twice in April (to $2.5mm) and closing June 30 at $2.41mm. That quick

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2005 + 10%? that might work

There’s a lovely square loft newly available for sale in a prime Manhattan loft area that is asking about 10% more than the clearing price when it sold in June 2005. I think this is likely to be close enough

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bowing to the inevitable price drop, but 25% impresses

lovely loft, big hitSpeaking of lovely Manhattan lofts (as we were last week, July 31, why isn’t a Tribeca premium renovation worth at least 250/ft?) with pricing difficulties (as we were yesterday, ditto), there’s a new firm and a price

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why isn't a Tribeca premium renovation worth at least 250/ft?

a distraction?You’d think that a stem-to-stern high quality renovation of a Manhattan loft would both (a) cost and (b) be worth at least $250/ft, wouldn’t you? There is a loft in prime Tribeca that was gutted after being purchased in

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didn't build it, but they came to 21 Bond Street at $692/ft

seek and ye shall findYesterday’s post, if you don’t build it will they come? buy + build opportunity, posited that $830/ft was not likely to get a deal done for a Manhattan loft that needed a build-out because other ‘finished’

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courage is rewarded / 161 West 15 Street sells in the sweet spot of a cold market

  easy on, easy off (sometimes), through tough compsHow’s this for getting it right? The Manhattan loft #2A at 161 West 15 Street came to market on January 16 and found a contract in 32 days (it closed May 12

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