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a forgotten OYAToMLG about agent doubletalk

had this lined up for June 23, but [something, something, something]This was a perfect post for this past Sunday, but with a succession of open house visits and some social business (actual social business, face-to-face fashion; not social media business)

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OYAToMLG dual agency was in the news

  it’s a perennial topic, if also an annual postI came across a post from (yes) One Year Ago on Manhattan Loft Guy and figured it is worth a re-post because Agency Disclosure is an issue dear to me heart

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the Warburg guy wants to take the Dual out of Agency in Manhattan residential real estate

I applaud Fred (if I may be so familiar)Long-time Manhattan Loft Guy readers know that the subject of New York State agency law and required disclosures is near and dear to my heart (links below). Not many agents share that

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new real estate agency law disclosures coming to Manhattan in 2011

REBNY announcement of A Major Change is a little weirdManhattan Loft Guy is going into the weeds of New York agency law and disclosure a bit, but before I force you to that I will give you the bottom line:

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