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loft ‘carved out’ of Gilsey House ballroom shows it

not all residential Manhattan loft conversions yield rational floor plans The Gilsey House at 1200 Broadway (in what can now be termed The Greater Ace Area) is one of the most spectacular large loft buildings in Manhattan, let alone in NoMad,

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diversion: not in “New York City” any longer

looking back at what you can no longer seeThis one hit the inter-toobz a while ago, but the subject matter lends itself to a look-back whenever …. I saw it in a link from The Real Deal, but it was

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Gilsey House ancient history (circa 1980)

  I have talked a bit about the lofts at The Gilsey House, 1200 Broadway, the beautiful Baroque former hotel at the corner of 29th Street, here, here and here.   I recently stumbled across an ancient-in–loft-years reference to this

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