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scary sale of small loft at 19 Hubert Street

where the rubber meets the road, buyers can get hurtThe recent sale of the “1,100 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 4th floor of 19 Hubert Street is the canary in the coal mine only for Tribeca small loft buyers

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romance sold the loft at 430 Greenwich Street, but it took a while

as Conventional Wisdom takes another hitOne hopes that Conventional Wisdom has enough self-confidence to shrug off the many times that people just ignore it. Sales like that of the Manhattan loft #5W at 430 Greenwich Street might cause an insecure

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the worm turns, as West Broadway now wishes it were more popular

the ignominy of losing out to BroadwayNot sure how long this link to a Crain’s Small Business Newsletter (dated Jan 31 but distributed Feb 4) will last, but the gist is that West Broadway as a Soho retail corridor is

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