Month: June 2013

when bad things ($605/ft!) happen to nice lofts, super storm edition at 79 Laight Street

you get a massive discount, and a projectIt is not often that you see weather impacts in Manhattan loft listings or sales, or that you see lofts for sale that have actually been wrecked (as in destroyed) as opposed to

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142 West 26 Street loft epitomizes “loft”, also “bidding war”

  (some) details matter If you took a too-quick look at the New York Post’s Just Sold! feature last Thursday, you saw the (yes!) recently sold “1,700 sq ft” Manhattan loft #12B at 142 West 26 Street at kind of

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diversion for baseball fans who need a diversion

  (looking at you, NYY fans)I am pretty sure that the starting line-up for the New York Yankees on Friday night against the Angels of etc, etc California included 4 guys batting between .100 and .199, and a guy without

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West 28 Street development site in the news (again)

some stories write themselvesOf course I started thinking about the past Manhattan Loft Guy series about how developing neighborhoods (such as the typical Manhattan loft neighborhoods) develop, that is to say, change, when I saw this piece in the Commercial

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132 Duane Street loft improves on mint, doesn't quite triple in value

  to each his ownWe are going to play with some sets of triple numbers here. The “2,300 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor at 132 Duane Street that recently sold for $3.4mm has now sold 4 times

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when bad things happen to nice lofts, 136 Baxter Street edition

then to now, with detoursThe simple facts about the “2,558 sq ft” Manhattan penthouse duplex loft (with “600 sq ft” of private terrace) #7A at 136 Baxter Street (the Machinery Exchange) is that the guy who paid $4mm when he

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diversion: late score seals the win

believe it or not, not everyone is talking about it You know the setting … late in the high stakes match a guy on the visiting team scores in a most improbable fashion just a few ticks of the clock

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extortion or neighborly consideration 505 Greenwich Street loft? you decide

some prices just jump out at youYou won’t find a listing associated with the deed recently filed on the May 13 sale of the “979 sq ft” Manhattan loft #12C at 505 Greenwich Street because it was a private transaction.

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another irrational sales sequence, as 250 Mercer Street mini-loft sells up over 2011 …

  … down under 2007, with a (cruel) twistIt is a truism that individual sales don’t have to makes sense, even in the rational market of lore and legend. Nor do sequences of sales of individual Manhattan lofts, as like

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OYAToMLG about different market conditions, 2012 and 2009 (of course)

apparently, everyone wants to GansevoortLet’s take a step back from the hysteria momentum of the current market and the New York Times-induced hysteria and revisit those thrilling days of yesteryear; more precisely, that thrilling day yester year when One Year

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