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agent sells Chelsea Mercantile loft from San Francisco

even north is a happier faceYou need to do some extra clicking on StreetEasy to get the full narrative on the successful marketing campaign that just got $2.2mm for the “1,586 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7G at 252 Seventh Avenue

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40 Mercer Street news: nothing says successful new development like a 7-figure gain since 2007

nothing to sneeze at hereIt is impressive that the “1,745 sq ft” Manhattan loft #21 on the 5th floor at 40 Mercer Street just sold at a gain of $800,000 over the 2007 sponsor sale, of course. How much more

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Lion's Head loft sells above ask after changing firms

unnecessarily?Trust me: nobody cares about how real estate agents do other than real estate agents. The recent sale of the “1,511 sq ft” plus “170 sq ft” terraced Manhattan loft #2B at 121 West 19 Street (the Lion’s Head) looks

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Lion's Head loft foreclosure sale postscript: an unusual 4-letter word for b-u-y-e-r?

start with 3 letters: WTF??(No, I am not goin’ all Palin on ya; I’ve been using that locution for years.) This postscript to my January 22, Lion’s Head penthouse loft closes out of foreclosure (121 West 19 Street) with a

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courage punished, not rewarded, as 22 West 26 Street closes off 36% from first ask

  4 price drops, 49 weeks, blood on the tracksThe Manhattan loft #7H at 22 West 26 Street closed on February 2 at $1.215mm after a rather long slog and a pointed slap from The Market: it was first offered

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