TYATOMLG: 1999 + 2010 loft resales at 27 N. Moore Street & 71 Warren Street

playing with time and (outdoor) space
Into The Wayback Machine, Sherman, as we go back to Manhattan Loft Guy two years ago today to catch up on (then) recent sales of two lofts that both previously sold way back in 1999. Part of the fun is in thinking about how different Tribeca was in 1999 (Warren Street was definitely on the edge); part of the fun is seeing that I was dealing with valuation issues then that I continue to deal with (outdoor space, buying the truly unique space next door).

Check it out in my May 26, 2010, 27 N. Moore St + 71 Warren St party like its 1999 (and sell), and (among other things) you will see that I have a long history of … wandering through a post.

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