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diversion for baseball fans who need a diversion

  (looking at you, NYY fans)I am pretty sure that the starting line-up for the New York Yankees on Friday night against the Angels of etc, etc California included 4 guys batting between .100 and .199, and a guy without

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Sunday diversion: of Pythagorus and baseball odds

  The plusses and minuses mean a lot For baseball fans who don’t get the stat geek world, this Sports Illustrated piece nicely captures the science behind the Probability of Playoffs column you see in some renditions of Major League

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Sunday diversion has questions / baseball questions, but still questions

a confession is required, another is merely requestedThe confessions is required is from me, though the question is whether a likely Hall of Fame catcher needs to confess. My confession is that I clicked on the Tom Verducci piece from

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Sunday diversion / there are “rules” about foul balls, don'cha ya know

viral is as viral does, though starting in NY helpsMaybe it is the power of Yankee media, or maybe it is just that any trivial thing that happens involving the Yankees can’t be too trivial, but if you watched the

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Sunday diversion / has to be baseball by now, right?

or, at least baseball relatedIf you think this guy on Grantland is a sanctimonious jerk, so what? Read it anyway. (I don’t think he was under the desk next to me in 1962; I remember doing this in the hallway.)

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diversions of spring baseball / players & dumb advocates edition

a mixed bagThis time of year, all or nearly all of the Manhattan Loft Guy weekend diversion posts should be about one thing: baseball. But it has not worked out that way. This post will be but small recompense, as

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this weekend diversion is Linsane, of course

no choiceIs there a bigger internet sensation this week than Jeremy Lin? And not just from the New York media. Not that I generally have my finger on the cultural pulse of the nation, but it feels inevitable that Manhattan

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Sunday diversion / a sports guy goes schizo on a local team

… and writes today’s Quote Of The Day, thusly: J-E-T-S? Really? You’re thrilled with yourselves for spelling a four-letter word? Try cheering for Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. I’m rooting for them today (boo Ben boo!), but this made

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