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revisiting velocity, as 132 West 22 Street loft sells near a world land speed record

16 + 14 = pdqAs far as Bright Shiny Objects are concerned, it is the dates associated with the sale of the Manhattan loft on the 5th floor at 132 West 22 Street (the Stanwick) that most quickly catch the

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224 West 18 Street lofts up 13% in a year, down 12% since Peak?

so it seems, but wait (there’s more!)Yesterday’s Just sold! feature in the New York Post featured a Manhattan loft that had (yes!) recently sold. (Why can’t the New York Times do that?) It always interests me when a Manhattan loft

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224 West 18 Street loft sells quickly, above 2007

is it the humility, Mars?When the Manhattan loft #4A at 224 West 18 Street (the north front of the Campiello Collection) sold on March 21 for $2.2mm the seller realized a gain of 1.3%, which might not seem like a

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return of the gut renovation buyer / 222 Park Avenue South edition

was she ever away?I wonder if the run of recent Manhattan loft sales that I have noticed of lofts in need of a complete build-out is an actual sign of Something Happening In The Market, or if it just random

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250 Mercer Street small loft flies off shelf, above ask, above $1,000/ft

New York Post recent Manhattan residential sale is, in fact, recent, and interestingSometimes the residential sales that appear in the newspapers (New York Post on Thursdays, New York Times on Sundays) are more or less current; sometimes they are much

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sale at 97 Crosby Street is a Big Deal for NY Times (for wrong reason)

Old Grey Lady shoots for hip, missesDid anyone else find this piece in the Big Deal feature of Sunday’s real estate section of the NY Times weird? In Rachel Comey Buys SoHo Loft, reporter Liz Harris emphasizes her lack of

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another quick sale, as 1 Hudson Street closes up 10% AND down 10%

from ask, to startHave you ever heard that well-priced Manhattan lofts sell quickly? (Yes, you have.) The latest example is the "2,000 sq ft" Manhattan loft that is the 4th floor at 1 Hudson Street. How quick is "quick"? That

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