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The Market has its way with “above ask” Tribeca Space loft sale, as is its wont

who was responsible for pricing strategy of loft at 25 Murray Street? Uncharacteristically, let me cut to the chase: yes, the “1,395 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4K at 25 Murray Street (Tribeca Space) earned the coveted green cell background on

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whatever an “ungentrified” Manhattan loft is, one at 33 Bleecker Street just got $1,/317ft

breaking barriers in broker babbling about Manhattan lofts since … There’s nothing wrong with calling a Manhattan loft “ungentrified”; it’s just a tad obscure. Does it mean the hipsters haven’t moved in yet? (Probably not.) Does it want to imply

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TYAToMLG: a great counter counts summer contracts + listings

  old market trends never really get old On Thursday I used The Miller’s new way of cutting the 20-year Manhattan residential real estate market into 8 eras in service of a post about a particular Tribeca loft with a

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no thaw was good news for (eventual) penthouse loft seller at 347 West Broadway

playing with the calendar, for fun and profit If the headline above makes sense to you, thanks for being a regular reader. (For the rest of you, thanks for stopping by; feel free to return.) The premise for the punchline

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129 West 22 Street loft seller rewarded by 24% in 26 months for not renovating

a paired resale analysisEvery “arm’s length” sale is a snapshot of the agreement that a buyer and a seller made about the value of a property at a particular point in time. Econ 101, right? And a pair of such

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142 West 26 Street loft epitomizes “loft”, also “bidding war”

  (some) details matter If you took a too-quick look at the New York Post’s Just Sold! feature last Thursday, you saw the (yes!) recently sold “1,700 sq ft” Manhattan loft #12B at 142 West 26 Street at kind of

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huge renovation premium for (awkward?) 251 West 19 Street that last sold in 2010

  market didn’t mind dropping more ceiling The math on the recently resold “1,630 sq ft” Manhattan loft #1D at 251 West 19 Street is pretty impressive: sold on February 27 at $1.76mm after a renovation by the folks who

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Keystone loft at 38 Warren Street sells up 15% in 11 months

after upgrades, not a renovationHere is another one for buyers who are feeling that (their part of) the Manhattan loft world is moving against them: the “1,850 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7C at 38 Warren Street (Keystone Building) could have

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when beautiful things happen to high ceilings / 720 Greenwich Street loft sells big after mezzanine re-do

it’s nice when it worksHow big does the footprint of the Manhattan loft #1J at 720 Greenwich Street (floor plan here) look to you? Put aside for the moment the high ceilings that permit a mezzanine and do the math;

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market corrects too-low price drop at Chelsea Mercantile, just as it's supposed to

Conventional Wisdom, vindicatedRegular readers of Manhattan Loft Guy know that I often observe that, absent a thin buyer pool, The Market will correct a price drop that is ‘too low’ by having multiple bidders push the clearing price above the

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