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shredding the fabric: a building's culture is endangered when financial treason is discovered

long ago Manhattan Loft Guy promise, fulfilledWhen last I touched on the low-life property manager who cheated at least 19 buildings (including “high-end coops and condos” in Manhattan, at least a few of which I know to be lofts) out

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back into the Soho time machine, to Spring Street lofts circa 1972

The History Channel, againWe seem to be in the history cycle on Manhattan Loft Guy, and there is no telling when it will end. Today’s installment wanders back to 1972 Soho, when a few pioneers got together to buy a

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thieving coop and condo property manager pleads guilty

we were speaking of crooks…A soon-to-be-former-NYS-senator was the foil for Friday’s post about a cynical lack of morality within the Manhattan real estate industrial complex (September 17, the (low) morals of the Real Estate Industrial Complex, politics division); today I

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low-life property manager INDICTED

13 properties, $2.1mm … so farWay back on January 30 I commented on Richard Bassik, a downtown property manager who was accused of stealing $2mm from buildings he managed and was featured in a NY Daily News article from January

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why hire a low-life as property manager? 'cuz you didn't know

ignorance is expensiveThere were reports in the press this past week about Richard Bassik, a Manhattan property manager accused of stealing from downtown clients that caught my eye because I know the guy … at least, I worked with him

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