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112 Hudson Street loft zooms through market above ask

  another oneI can’t tell from my notes and calendar why my buyer client around $1.5mm never got to see the “1,103 sq ft” Manhattan loft in prime Tribeca on the 4th floor at 112 Hudson Street, but the sellers

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telltale $9 shows bidding war for 100 Hudson Street loft

seriously: what’s so special here?The fact that the “1,080 sq ft” Manhattan loft #8E at 100 Hudson Street recently sold with the last digit being “9” tells you that the loft almost certainly sold after a bidding war; that the

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105 Hudson Street loft sold at $1,241/ft with great light but needing TLC is news only to Old Grey Lady

the Real Estate Industrial Complex, Media Division, strikes (late) The fact that the November 1 sale of the “2,800 sq ft” Manhattan loft #10S at 105 Hudson Street (the Powell Building) was featured in Residential Sales Around The Region in

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more appreciating appreciation / 156 Franklin is new (improved)

4 years + $X later….The Manhattan loft on the 5th floor at 156 Franklin Street is on the market as of this past weekend, asking $2.195mm and $1,700/mo for “1,700 sq ft” that is “newly renovated”. Clearly, the loft has

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4 open houses in Nobu’s nabe

(remember to check the agent websites Sunday morning to see if open house is still on) (you want close?) 105 Hudson Street #2S $2.685mm and $3,139/mo for “2,750 sq ft” in – as I said last week – the Powell

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open house review / 2 more new lofts, both with potential

  (remember to check the agentwebsites Sunday morning to see if open house is stillon)   105Hudson Street #2S $2.685mm and $3,139/mo for “2,750 sq ft” inthe Powell Building (better known now as the Nobu building, Isuspect). Space is recently

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Olde Tribeca for $1,300/ft at 100 Hudson

  pushing the Tribeca premium #5A at 100 Hudson Street is new to market this week through Barrie Mandel at Corcoran. Said to be 1,050 sq ft, the asking price is a healthy-for-a-30-year-old-coop $1.35mm ($1,100/mo maintenance).   location, location, location

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