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NY Times loves the architects who (live in +) love lofts / West 15 Street Lego edition

mixing the metaphors, Lego + jigsawPerhaps it is just confirmation bias at work, but I really think the New York Times features a disproportionate number of lofts in it’s feature sections on Thursdays and Sundays. The latest example is the

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revisiting Manhattan lofts memory lane: MLG on January 3, 2008 + 151 Hudson Street from 27 years ago + a modern update

serendipity is a wonderful thingI no longer recall what I was searching for in the Manhattan Loft Guy archives last week (or whether I even found it!), but I did come across this nugget from January 3, 2008, tales of

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stable loft market at 303 Greenwich Street, since 2009 + since 2005

nice to see simple data once in a whileFrequent readers of Manhattan Loft Guy know that I am intrigued by sales that don’t fit The Overall Narrative, such as loft sales implying a 15% change in the market in the

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QOTD distinguishes “glamour” from “Utah”

he better stay out of Park City + SundanceThe Wall Street Journal featured a la-di–da Bridgewater home on the market for 8 figures by some (famous?) architect. Check the slide-show for details and pix of the 12,000 sq ft house

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loving a loft not wisely but too well / 144 West 27 St closes at 51% of first ask

  overwrought? just watch me!When Othello spoke of himself as one who loved "not wisely but too well", he was about to kill himself and bring that great tragedy to a conclusion. The owners of the Manhattan loft #5R at

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power of a coop board to reject a deal as “too low”??

protecting shareholders from market value???The Real Deal on-line June 16 flagged an interesting little item in a relatively obscure periodical that is mostly read (if at all) by Manhattan coop and condo boards, Habitat Magazine. With a tip of the

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