still trying to give that loft away at 12 E 14 (if you buy terrace)

#5A at 12 East 14 Street
is back on the market this week, on its third listing agent of 2007. Ivana Tagliamonte of BHS is now offering this “900 sq ft” loft with “1,200 sq ft” private roof terrace for $1.195mm and $1,364/mo.

It was newly offered by Jim Farah of Corcoran at $1.25mm when I posted on June 5
12 E 14 St terrace $1.25mm — free loft attached (he thought the roof was 1,174 sq ft, btw). As I said then

It can only be worth it for someone with a serious entertaining lifestyle. Problem may be the 14th Street location (just west of Union Square; no green views, apparently) and the fact that the roof terrace is on top of (only) a 5-story building, No pix of the Empire State Building, and no telling without being there how much of a ‘canyon’ this rooftop glory may be.

But if you had the lifestyle to take advantage of the kick-ass kitchen and such large entertaining space, the 900 sq ft loft is almost a throw-in, for this much outdoor space. (Figure the loft at about $800/ft and the terrace at about $400/ft.)

I overlooked in June that it had already been offered in April for $1.395mm by Susan Sears of Corcoran, so the owner has had quite a busy year, signing and canceling listing agreements.

Not often that you see a loft with more space outdoors than in. You would never pay $1,000/ft for outdoor space here – but (work with me here) if you did you could get the loft for free.

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