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(remember to check the agentwebsites Sunday morning to see if open house is stillon)
$3.25mm and $4,278/mo for a bunchof indoor space (2,500 sq ft??) and “2,200 feet” of terrace that Iblogged about on Aug 23 (indoorsand out at 284 Fifth’s PH-B / (almost) brandnew); it isbeing tag-teamed by PruDE and Bellmarc; the link above is PruDEbecause they have Sunday’s open house; Bellmarcis doing Wednesday’s
Open House Sunday Sept9 12 PM –2
Open House Wednesday Sept12 5:30 PM7
$5.7mm (condo; common charges andabated real estate taxes are $3,142/mo) for “3,026 sq ft” full ofname-dropping fixtures and appliances and three terraces totaling”1,300 sq ft” that I blogged about on Aug 24 (indoorsand out at 92 Warren’s penthouse)
Open House Sunday Sept9 1:30 PM –3
$2.975mm and $3,802/mo (condo) for “1,585 sq ft”plus terrace plus private roof in Loft 25
Open House Sunday Sept9 2 PM –4
Open House Tuesday Sept11 5 PM –7
$2.895mm and $1,566/mo for “2,287 sq ft” of atriplex with “375 sq ft” garden; new two weeks ago
Open House Sunday Sept9 12 PM –2
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