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Sunday diversion / Manhattan has a (quick) pulse

a famously quicker pulseAre you tired of time-lapsing Manhattan yet? Me neither! A fellow named MindRelic did this a couple of months ago, hitting 11 hotels (and miscellaneous sidewalks) in 6 weeks. It was well worth 4 minutes of my

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Now you see it (and pay for it), now you don

  Following nicely on my post yesterday about the values of Manhattan apartment outdoor space, The Real Deal segues with a piece about vanishing views and view values. Clearly, views matter, and command a premium. Equally – this being a

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   Who wants a terrace? (hint: everyone) The Times is right:  “The funny thing about private outdoor space in the city is that some people who have it use it, others don’t, but most people seem to want it regardless

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