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another new school for Tribeca?

  A new public Intermediate School in Tribeca?? I missed the original mention in the Post, but The Real Deal credits the Post as reporting that the City is “considering” (weasel word, that!) opening an Intermediate School in Tower 5

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Now you see it (and pay for it), now you don

  Following nicely on my post yesterday about the values of Manhattan apartment outdoor space, The Real Deal segues with a piece about vanishing views and view values. Clearly, views matter, and command a premium. Equally – this being a

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   Who wants a terrace? (hint: everyone) The Times is right:  “The funny thing about private outdoor space in the city is that some people who have it use it, others don’t, but most people seem to want it regardless

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dynamic city / time runs out on a stripped Tiffany

  Here is the second of two posts inspired by Sunday’s NY Times that got me thinking about how dynamic New York City is.   From champagne to jewels Sunday’s Real Estate section carried a piece about an ugly building

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dynamic city / champagne in a cookie building

  Two pieces in Sunday’s NY Times got me thinking about how dynamic New York City is. I suppose that other cities are similarly dynamic, but the relative age, breadth and range of the City, and its sharp geographic boundaries,

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You can

  This one will inaugurate a new category ‘Truth IS Stranger…”.   Maybe they didn’t get the memo One would assume that people move to TriBeCa, in part, because they appreciate that the neighborhood looks different from most residential neighborhoods

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the newest new kitchen (in Flatiron, not Chelsea)

  If you have been paying really close attention, you will understand my reference to G4 kitchens (if not, see my earlier blog about Manhattan loft kitchen styles).   Here’s a new one in the G4 series, which will have

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