Month: March 2013

backstory to New York Times about buying a wrecked loft at 37 Walker Street

Manhattan Loft Guy readers (again) keeping ahead of the Times …Nice piece by Constance Rosenblum as the main story in the Real Estate section in today’s New York Times, Not Too Shabby, about Manhattan residential real estate buyers increasingly looking

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diversion / baseball games! old baseball games

it’s beginning to feel a lot like … Opening DaySnow flurries aside, it is getting to be baseball season, finally. If you’ve been following the game for a while, there will be something in this compilation on SBNation that will

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99 John Street loft sale is the very picture of motivation in a difficult environment

3 prices in 16 days, at a loss to 2008 buyI find listing histories like that of the “677 sq ft” Manhattan mini-loft #1704 at 99 John Street (99 John Deco Lofts) fascinating. Sometimes a listing history reveals patience (which

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50 West 29 Street loft sells with challenging layout, challenged windows

but lots of energyUnder what circumstances might it be a good deal for a Manhattan loft seller to sell 24% lower than a similar loft that sold just 6 months earlier, when that similar loft was on a lower floor

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Keystone loft at 38 Warren Street sells up 15% in 11 months

after upgrades, not a renovationHere is another one for buyers who are feeling that (their part of) the Manhattan loft world is moving against them: the “1,850 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7C at 38 Warren Street (Keystone Building) could have

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small 250 Mercer Street loft sale suggests seller got great deal in 2011

unless you think market is up 21% in 2 yearsI am 98% certain that if you look at the 2012 listing photos for the “850 sq ft” Manhattan loft #A301 at 250 Mercer Street you will find that this mini-loft

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Seaport loft in very old building sells up $10,473 over 2005, neighbors tremble

can’t blame That StormManhattan lofts in buildings with slim past sales histories are, of course, difficult to comp. (If you are a buyer or an appraiser, or a Very Interested Spectator of the Manhattan residential real estate game.) And difficult

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Sunday diversion: the Hallelujah chorus

no, not that oneThe music ministry in my parish does wonderful music. Including, adding in the past year, an adaptation of Leonard Cohen’s always haunting Hallelujah. I drove my wife a little bonkers a while back after using The Google

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weekend diversion: photo spread of New York from days past [UPDATED]

caution: time suck aheadThanks to Curbed for pointing out yesterday its new favorite tumblr, which is now my new favorite tumblr. (Now added to the Favorite Links on the right, in fact.)  NYC Past has a great story behind it,

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buy low, sell high: simple advice well executed at 121 West 17 Street loft

how bad was that nuclear winter, grampa?The last time the “1,135 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5D at 121 West 17 Street was offered for sale the ask was $1.34mm; this time, $1.295mm. Last time, the clearing price was $870,000; this

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