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A quick (last!) one from New Orleans, kinda sorta like a diversion, but certainly Manhattan real estate related. One Year Ago Today on Manhattan Loft Guy I posted about an artist featured in a New York Times City Room piece (March 23, 2012, longtime Seaport photographer/resident losing her Brooklyn Bridge views). The piece was mostly about her art, and the impending loss of her view of her muse, the Brooklyn Bridge. read it for the art, and her story, but here’s the real estate angle from my perspective:


In broad strokes, through my narrow focus, this is a quintessential Manhattan loft story:


      • young woman needs place for inexpensive art + life, moves from Soho to a nearby but very remote area

      • maturing artist embeds in the local life around her to an unusual degree, producing compelling art

      • (time passes)

      • local area changes dramatically as the dominant industry (noxious to many potential residents with more choices) moves away

      • new development nearby includes a $20,000/mo rental (and cuts out much of her view)

A fascinating story, well told, or outlined.


Heading home via JFK in a few ….


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