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diversion is the opposite of the muck: a heartwarming story of staggering friendship

  why do people do the good things they do? This story by Bryan oops Cave Curtis on Grantland is why Grantland is Grantland: The Stokes Game tells the story of NBA player Maurice Stokes and his teammate and guardian

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Sunday diversion is about love (birds, bees and young people) and staying out late

a matter of personal indulgenceThrough the miracle of the inter-tubes, and the confidence of the principals and the editors of the Old Grey Lady, we got home well after midnight to find that the wedding we had just come from

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will shill for friends / author's book reading tonight

no shame!After shilling (twice!) for a documentary about I. M. Pei by Anne Makepeace (and others) shown on PBS on March 31 (March 31, 9 PM on PBS: I M Pei documentary, March 24, shilling for I M Pei), it

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tales of Olde Tribeca, circa 2010

vintage, authentic, classic, etcWe spent a lovely evening a while back in a friend’s Tribeca loft, with an experience that was like going back to the days when only a few people had any idea what (or where) the TRIangle

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