Month: September 2010

laughing at economists / a Saturday diversion

the nation’s only stand-up economistA tip of the Manhattan Loft Guy cap to The Miller, for a Wednesday link to a video deconstructing Ten Principles of Economics, providing some levity for a Black 15th Anniversary. I especially like the distinction

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the (low) morals of the Real Estate Industrial Complex, politics division

the (non) Quote Of The DayIf there’s a word “antidote”, should there be a word “antiquote”? I feel as though we need that word today, in looking at this quote in last night’s piece, Espada, an ally of the real

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“true Soho loft” at 169 Mercer St closes at $766/ft

how’d that happen?It is difficult to argue that the block of Mercer Street just below Houston Street is Prime Soho, what with Silver Towers and NYU just to the north, but it certainly is a convenient location. And it is

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bidding war after 9 months, 6 price drops at 244 West 23 Street loft

timing is everything That hoary chestnut “it only takes one (buyer)” is dear to every seller’s heart, while the very optimistic sellers also love “it only takes two (to have a bidding war)”. These bromides cause a lot of sellers to

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why didn't the loft at 252 West 30 Street sell at The Peak?

not one trend, but anotherThe Manhattan loft 252 West 30 Street #6B does not quite fit a pattern that regular readers of Manhattan Loft Guy know intrigues me (the pattern of lofts that did not sell in 2009 at $Xmm

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bidding war over penthouse loft at 73 Worth Street that started at 2006

winning at putting, putteringThe Manhattan loft #PH-E at 73 Worth Street is another loft that recently raced to contract, like the loft in my September 9 post, 11 West 20 Street loft zooms through market, beats higher floor. Long story, short:

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same day, another year

This year I am only going to offer two quotes from a mother who lost a daughter and a not-yet-grandchild that day, taken from her essay, The Sensitivities of 9/11 Families: Since that morning, time in my world is no

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11 West 20 Street loft zooms through market, beats higher floor

it’s the renovation, MarsIf you blinked in June, you missed the Manhattan loft on the 5th floor of 11 West 20 Street. This "2,205 sq ft" full floor condo loft came to market on June 2 and was in contract

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asking $1.495mm did not work for 148 West 23 Street loft, but asking $1.575mm did

can’t (really) blame the calendarI’ve talked before about lofts that did not sell during the nuclear winter of Manhattan real estate that followed the Lehman bankruptcy (two years ago next week!), but the recent sale of the combined Manhattan loft

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visualizing The Market / Manhattan real estate fun at Urban Digs

more to come, he promisesNoah Rosenblatt over at Urban Digs has long been working on data sets, and is getting ever so much closer to being able to publish what will be unique information about the Manhattan real estate market.

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