Month: August 2010

among the things that conflict with blogging …

(that you might not think would) Vacation trips to stay with friends in California Somehow I figured that I would be able to grab an hour or more most days to do a Quick & Interesting Manhattan Loft Guy Post,

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tales of one loft building / the inefficient market at 718 Broadway, circa 2006, weaker market, 2010

2006 echoesThe Manhattan loft #10D at 718 Broadway sold for $1.06mm on July 20, "1,180 sq ft" of "true chic", this "completely renovated" loft is the "ultimate in sophistication". At a single bedroom and single bath with windows only on

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Jesuits adapt to Lower East Side gentrification by moving; will lofts follow?

2 things dear to my heartI missed this piece in yesterday’s NY Times (h/t The Real Deal): Lower East Side Has Less to Offer Jesuits Who Teach the Poor. Manhattan Loft Guy is Jesuit educated, I am in close contact

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20-26 N. Moore loft clears at $1,286/ft with no frills

listing associated with "no listing associated" saleStreetEasy has the news that the Manhattan loft #8W at 20-26 N. Moore Street closed on August 2 at $3.6mm, but no other news about the sale ("no listing associated with this sale"). Which

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171 Duane Street loft closes at 12% premium, contract in 3 weeks

"every once in a while …", indeedEvery once in a while, a listing description not only does justice to the loft listed but to potential buyers, giving an appropriately enthusiastic description of the loft instead of merely babbling. The Manhattan

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trading spaces / (lots of) loft on West 19 Street for (lots of) light + terrace on Gramercy Park

one of those 8 million storiesI mentally filed away an Observer piece from July 30 some time ago for a future post. The Observer observed because it involves a celebrity. Voyeur that I am, Manhattan Loft Guy is interested because

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negotiation science / The Anchoring Effect

indeed, "we" are not so smartInteresting post from an interesting blog that I have been mulling over this past week, as it had great personal relevance this week (story below) and has a real estate nexus. The post is Anchoring

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getting emotional (litigious!) over commission on $44 million Manhattan townhouse

it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad worldThe Manhattan residential real estate business is such a wonderful spectator sport because it has everything: big numbers! huge egos! drama queens (and drama kings, and drama knaves)! (Not to mention: spectacular lofts, apartments

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real estate blogosphere just got smaller

that did not take longBack only on May 14, I posted sad news about a giant in a small world, www is big / RE blogosphere is small. That giant, Joe Ferrara, would be a giant in most worlds, and

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another celebrity who hates Tribeca

cognitive dissonance is in the eye of the beholderOK, OK, I don’t know that Mike Love of the Beach Boys really hates Tribeca, but this is supposed to be a Manhattan loft blog, so I need a hook. I do

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