another celebrity who hates Tribeca

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OK, OK, I don’t know that Mike Love of the Beach Boys really hates Tribeca, but this is supposed to be a Manhattan loft blog, so I need a hook.

I do know that he owned a (combo) 3 bedroom condo in the oh-so-not-chic Yorkville micro-nabe of Second Avenue at 93 Street. Liz Harris of the NY Times told me that gave me enough hints to figure that out today. Must have been the water views.

If you know where to look in Property Shark you can find the July 19 deed, then cross check against StreetEasy to get listing information. (Some prior owner combined the A and B units on the 30th floor.)

insert your own bad pun here
I am not going to play, but punning off Beach Boy lyrics to describe a disappointing sale is like shooting fish in a barrel. (Go ahead. I will wait.) … (Not done yet?) … The prior sale and listing history show some (… errr …) disappointment with the Love tenure in this "1,787 sq ft" condo:

Dec 1, 2004 purchase $1.465mm
Nov 11, 2009 new to market $2.35mm
Jan 19, 2010   $2.05mm
March 9   $1.995mm
April 21 change firms  
May 10   $1.875mm
June 15 contract $1.6mm
July 19 closed  

That’s nearly 8 months, 4 prices and $460k in price drops to get to contract 9% above the 2004 purchase price, 32% below the November asking price. OUCH

Were the Beach Boys too old for Tribeca, even in 2004? Or were they always an Upper East Side sound??

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