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a troubling line potential sellers hear from agents all the time

having nothing to do with pajamas (really)The Real Deal has a puff piece in the June issue that was featured on their web page last week, Doing deals in pajamas, that has a dog-bites-man ‘news’ quality about it that is

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do some seller incentives threaten the buyer

or, can disclosure cure at this level?Not to go full MalcolmBlogger High Road on ya, but I was flabbergasted by a marketing gambit that recently went out through the inter-firm data-base. I am sure it is a legal way to

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getting emotional (litigious!) over commission on $44 million Manhattan townhouse

it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad worldThe Manhattan residential real estate business is such a wonderful spectator sport because it has everything: big numbers! huge egos! drama queens (and drama kings, and drama knaves)! (Not to mention: spectacular lofts, apartments

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