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is there a discernible market impact to long-running litigation over defects in luxe Flatiron loft development?

some Manhattan loft topics never get old, though they do repeat The story about the 2010 new Manhattan loft development at 141 Fifth Avenue in the heart of the Flatiron district in yesterday’s The Real Deal, Savanna wants claims dismissed

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diversion is a distraction: what Sherman could learn from A-Rod about ambition

weirder & weirder You could look at the post-season campaign of Alex Rodriguez as a single-handed attempt to revive  law firm profits. Or you could look at the lawsuit against Major League Baseball and Bud Lite (did I leave anyone

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is the hyper-local Manhattan loft market at 80 John Street up more than 5% in a year?

and now for something a little differentAfter looking twice this week at Manhattan lofts that sold high recently after not selling in 2009, the recent sale of the “875 sq ft” mini-loft #14A at 80 John Street (the troubled South

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noisy neighbors / what if it’s you they are complaining about?

some advice, freely given, worth …?I had one of those friend-of-a-friend-of-a-client conversations this week about a noise-related New York real estate issue that the FOAFOAC has. I was then thinking about sending the guy (let’s call him “M” to make

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the baths get a little crowded, as another South Star loft at 80 John Street clears below sponsor sale

possibly related to yesterday’s newsWhen I tweeted yesterday (@ManhattnLoftGuy, of course) about The Real Deal’s article about a relatively new condo suing its developer, I knew I had recently looked at past sales data in that building and noticed an

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small piece of troubled loft empire sold at 95 Greene Street

condo could use some giant stepsI was talking to 2 friends last night, both of whom are professionally informed about Manhattan residential real estate, and was surprised to learn that neither one was aware that the Condo v. Unit Owner

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residential Manhattan square feet called “elusive” by NY Times, “fraudulent” by loft buyers at 1200 Broadway

haven’t we been here before? recently??The big real estate story is Sunday’s New York Times was The Elusive Measure Known as the Square Foot, by Marc Santora, which everyone is linking to this morning (Curbed, The Real Deal, Brownstoner, True

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getting emotional (litigious!) over commission on $44 million Manhattan townhouse

it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad worldThe Manhattan residential real estate business is such a wonderful spectator sport because it has everything: big numbers! huge egos! drama queens (and drama kings, and drama knaves)! (Not to mention: spectacular lofts, apartments

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suing, shaming + publicizing your problems / a fraught cost-benefit analysis

rocks + hard placesIf I hadn’t gotten distracted on Tuesday by other recent news and expanded a draft post into the politics, wisdom or inanity of airing dirty linen about your coop or condo, I would have focused on the

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the politics, wisdom or inanity of airing dirty linen about your coop or condo

something in the water??I had intended this morning to do a post focused on one particular dispute between a condo developer and unit owners in Brooklyn, but then I saw an article in today’s NY Times airing angry emails between

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