Month: March 2009

50 Walker Street closes well off August ask after being publicly negotiable + serving bourbon

not like yesterdayThe full history of the Manhattan loft #6A at 50 Walker Street will reveal just how different this marketing campaign was from the loft addressed yesterday (why be that negotiable in secret? 25 Ann Street closed nearly 25%

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milestone alert / Manhattan Loft Guy is 3

oh frabjous day, calloo, callay(no idea how that chortling is spelled, and I am not going to look it up) The first Manhattan Loft Guy post was on March 19, 2006; it has been followed by 872 others (and counting).

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why be that negotiable in secret? 25 Ann Street closed nearly 25% off ask

    what if they had advertised a willingness to deal? There must have been some epiphany on the 4th floor of 25 Ann Street in August: the owner tried to sell this "2,300 sq ft" loft for $2.5mm starting in

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Manhattan loft inventory as of March 15 = 960

  Number of Manhattan lofts offered for sale as of Sunday night continues to reflect a bulging inventory:   price range # of lofts $500k to $999k 141 $1mm to $1.99mm 348 $2mm to $2.99mm 231 $3mm to $3.99mm 101 $4mm

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new Manhattan loft listings + closed sales in last 7 days

This is the seventy-second Manhattan Loft Guy report on the number, price distribution and neighborhood distribution for Manhattan lofts reported as new to the market or as closed sales in the last 7 days.The stats as of Sunday night: there

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chasing a dream or waking up from a bad dream, as they chase The Market down

stepping in a down market, easier said than done, always painfulThere’s a new-ish listing in an architecturally significant Manhattan loft conversion from this century that hit numerous Manhattan Loft Guy buttons: it is (another) one of those eight million stories;

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diversion for a Saturday

  comedy or tragedy? you decideMy eyes almost popped out when I saw an all-agent e-blast about a new price for a Manhattan loft that happened to get through my junk filter. (Note to self: fix filters.) Then I scratched

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off (only) 6% in Soho in a year? one seller thinks so

  nice comps are a thrill Am I easily thrilled? There’s a Manhattan loft new to market in a pretty chic Soho conversion from earlier in this century that will be a pretty good indicator of how The Market has

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2 closings at 36 West 15 Street / one was pushing it

  pushy one off 10%, other off 6% I hit the 11th floor at 36 West 15 Street (anonymously) on December 19 in a too pushy …? thread dialogue with Reader Jess (pushing on in Flatiron, but not as hard).

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flipping for fun, not profit, in Soho

is it only ‘triple’ mint if you use more then 3 X’s?Soho doesn’t much more prime than the location of this new-to-market Manhattan loft that has caught my eye. Nor does a listing description get much more enthusiastic than this

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