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the problem of price discovery (hint: you have to pay attention)

if a tree falls in the forest …I’ve been mulling a long-ish post on price discovery for quite a while (not writing it, obviously; just mulling). Pulling together some interesting riffs by other bloggers and news articles and market activity

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2 closings at 36 West 15 Street / one was pushing it

  pushy one off 10%, other off 6% I hit the 11th floor at 36 West 15 Street (anonymously) on December 19 in a too pushy …? thread dialogue with Reader Jess (pushing on in Flatiron, but not as hard).

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pushed it just enough for contract, eventually

April = then; February = nowI can’t wait to see how this ends, but the listing history of this newly-in-contract, current century, high-end Manhattan loft condo conversion is fascinating enough to warrant a comment even before the clearing price is

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set price off low comp or high comp? too pushy (or not) in Tribeca gets neighborly

comping is hardFascinating new listing for a Tribeca loft in a fairly recent high-end Manhattan loft conversion. They are asking above $1,250/ft for space that sold in the conversion at around $850/ft, probably with many of the same proper proper

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VERY pushy way to (try to) flip a big loft

must be some renovationThere’s a small Manhattan loft condo conversion from last year in which the large full-floor lofts went for about $750/ft (it is not in a traditional loft [fashionable] neighborhood). They had classic loft features and finishes that

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