new contract at 130 Watts Street after 3 months, old contract at 125 Watts in 2 weeks

I hit 130 Watts Street #1N when it was new on November 17 (new at 130 Watts / bonus open house at $1.999mm) and again in an open house review 2 weeks ago (
8 Sunday open houses $1.8mm – $2mm). It is now in contract.

I am thinking that is pretty good work for a loft with a rather challenging layout (ground floor, 1 interior bedroom, no ‘public’ bathroom). Props to Paul Dawson of Corcoran.

Speaking of props, Patty LaRocco and Beth Bongar of PruDE took a FSBO on the 4th floor at 125 Watts Street in November (Nov 27 125 Watts is FSBO no more)and turned it into a signed contract within two weeks. Fancy dancing, well executed there!

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