minimal drop at minimal beauty / 8 West 13 Street drips

philistines force drip campaign?
I hit #2F at 8 West 13 Street when it was new at $1.5mm for “1,100 sq ft” of “museum quality” (July 9:
min to the (small) max / new at 8 W 13; note Reader Jess’s citation to the August 2007 Architectural Digest) and again when the price dropped a second time, from $1.45mm to $1.35mm (December 17: not buying the minimalism (yet) / 8 W 13 drops).

I still have not seen it, but I love the pictures, floor plan and look. On the market for 7 months now, the seller has the painful choice to sit tight and wait for someone who will appreciate the loft, or drop the price. A painful choice. They have dropped three times in three months (November 27 to $1.45mm, December 17 to $1.35mm, January 24 to $1.325mm), so the chair must be getting snug.

what price beauty?
It is difficult to determine the Market Price for such a (yes, I have to use the “u” word) … unique loft. Someone could build another one like it, but they haven’t done that. Until they do, anyone who loves the look here will have to consider squeezing themselves (and a roommate, or not) into 1,100 sq ft.

I am rooting for this one, and watching the way you watch a potential car wreck in slow motion (screech of brakes, but will they hit??). Heart on sleeve, I hope this loft finds a buyer who will love it as is, at/near this price. Any takers?

Anyone care to argue the merits?

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