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Noho loft sells at $2,077/ft, all about the Noho street scene

second floor lofts can bring the outdoors indoors Not everyone wants to live right above the street. The “1,367 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2A at 17-19 Bond Street appeals to that subset of downtown Manhattan loft buyers for whom being

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718 Broadway in the news again / #10C is back, beefier

  not new, exactly, though more718 Broadway #10C showed up as a new listing yesterday, asking $1.295mm and $1,486 for “1,400 sq ft” of “real NoHo loft with sunlight, dramatic city views, and 12 foot ceilings”. This unit and this

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minimal drop at minimal beauty / 8 West 13 Street drips

philistines force drip campaign?I hit #2F at 8 West 13 Street when it was new at $1.5mm for “1,100 sq ft” of “museum quality” (July 9: min to the (small) max / new at 8 W 13; note Reader Jess’s

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not buying the minimalism (yet) / 8 W 13 drops

#2F at 8 West 13 Street is a beauty that The Market has yet to appreciate enough to buy (or, that the seller has yet to appreciate that The Market is not as fond of this minimalist masterpiece as he

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a mistake, perhaps, as 718 Broadway is for sale again (not bloody likely)

for real?I am going to start out being as clinical as I can be about the new listing today of #2C at 718 Broadway, which is so new that the link does not yet work on PruDE’s site, but when

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loft contracts galore this week / Tribeca bonus edition

  As I said yesterday, many Manhattan lofts came through the inter-firm data-base as In Contract this week; here is one more from Tribeca, hot off today’s presses:   100 Greene St 2nd floor has been around since March and

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min to the (small) max / new at 8 W 13

  minimalist glory? Sometimes I find myself rooting for a loft listing for one reason or another.   #2F at 8 West 13 Street hit the web Sunday with such promise of being wonderful space (“museum quality”) that I can’t help

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minimally FLAUNTED loft at 233 W 26 in contract, quickly

  #4W offered under $1,000/ft It took a month for #4W at 233 W 26 St to go into contract today – not a long period in this market, I think. Jeff Shannon and Lisa Vaamonde of BHS (late of

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new at 100 Greene St / uber chic for uber bucks

no verbal overkill Looks as though Richard Orenstein at Halstead commits no BrokerSpeak Crime in labeling his new Manhattan loft listing at 100 Greene St 2d fl as “uber chic”. This is one seriously dressed (though “mint & minimalist”) loft.

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