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12 examples of the (rapid) velocity of the Manhattan loft market

velocity, observed, in the rear-view mirrorI chewed on the loft-specific data in the major firms’ Second Quarter Manhattan real estate market reports in yesterday’s post, how did lofts do last quarter compared to overall Manhattan real estate market?. (Woo-hoo to

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the very first Second Quarter Manhattan real estate market report numbers out

ahead of The Times, with what, exactly?As we are counting down to the last days of the Second Quarter, the number crunchers at Miller Samuel, Terra, Corcoran and elsewhere are in their counting houses, counting up their sales. Traditionally, the

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cool Manhattan sales volume data over at UrbanDigs

bumps + troughsNoah Rosenblatt just posted an interesting chart on his blog of average manhattan real estate sales volume (not prices, volume) from 2006 to present. Check out the whole thing for his explanation and cool graphics. He uses city

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comparing nuggets / 4Q Manhattan loft data + overall market

so few nuggets The overall Manhattan 4Q Numbers, 3 ways, with some year-over-year comparisons:   median sales price avg price per foot transactions days on market inventory Miller Samuel $900k [up 5.9%] $1,183 [up 0.3%] 2,282 [off 9.4%] 159 [up 21.3%]

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December volume + absorption / loving the actual data

  Noah The Numbers Guy comes through (again) If you are at all interested in the macro-economics impacting the Manhattan real estate market, you probably already have seen the terrific blog, UrbanDigs. Noah’s got a post yesterday that includes some

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real nuggets as The Miller counts Manhattan lofts in 4Q report

  consistent numbers + analysis … what a concept! Yesterday I hit the Halstead 4Q08 report (insofar as it addressed Manhattan lofts; i.e., not so much: nuggets from Q4 market reports / Halstead dribs + drabs). Short story: apart from

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more about that Second Quarter / Manhattan loft data

Yesterday I (finally) hit the big firm reports on Manhattan real estate transactions (and other stats) from the Second Quarter of 2008 (about that Second Quarter / data party like it is 2006). Today it is whatever data is reported

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about that Second Quarter / data party like it is 2006

better late than …?Of course there is a lot of instant ‘analysis’ when the big dogs bark out their quarterly market reports, not all of which is well considered. Indeed, note the differences in just these two headlines: Apartment Sales

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why so hard to count Manhattan residential real estate sales?

lost some forest for some trees?I got so caught up in micro-‘analysis’ yesterday (Mothra v. Godzilla, or the epic battle over Manhattan sales volume reports) that I did not get around to considering the factors that make it so hard

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Q108 Manhattan market reports / more on lofts

Today’s’ earlier post (Q1 Manhattan market reports highlight high prices + major caveats) hit some of the general price and volume questions and (some) answers about the overall Manhattan residential real estate market, as reported by the 3 major firms

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