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2006 + 30% = 2009? (or not)

pushy, pushyHaving visited both 2006 and Franklin Street in Tribeca on Wednesday (Aug 5, 155 Franklin Street crashes past 2006 to close up 28% (since 2000)), a Manhattan loft that sold more than 3 years ago around $850/ft caught my

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some sellers are adapting

2009 as 80% of 2007?It was somewhat refreshing to come across a Manhattan loft recently new to market that is priced with The (new) Market in mind. The seller knows exactly what life near the top of The (old) Market

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how much pain at River Lofts? done deal (price to come) at 416 Washington Street

still can’t wait, but have to  (sigh)The Manhattan loft #4H at 416 Washington Street (River Lofts) closed last week, with the price to be announced when it hits the public data base. So this is the second post teasing about

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drip, drip … this data point points down from 2007 (way down)

not too pushy (now) but not selling (yet)There’s a Manhattan loft that’s been on the market nearly a year, with a sobering price history. It started this go-round in the Spring around $1,000/ft and has had four drops since then,

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what's the renovation worth? pushing it in non-loft-ville

  2 years + 1 reno = $400k (or not) Ofttimes the Manhattan loft buyer looking for ‘value‘ must go far afield, away from the loft havens (Tribeca, Soho), to make ‘a deal’. One such possible opportunity is today’s candidate

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eating crow while getting reamed / Chelsea loft goes to 30% off

oh, to be a fly on the wallImagine, if you will, the following hypothetical dialogue: Owner: "I’d love to sell, what do you think we can get?"Agent: "If we start at $1,750/ft we should get a good deal"O: "Wow! That

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a good time to go for pricing records, or are flippin' owners just pushing it?

bullish on sex appealThere’s a pretty new listing in one of those veddy veddy architecturally significant new Manhattan loft developments that has me scratching my head. Then another one popped up in a less significant but still pretty new new

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did developer leave a lot of money on the table in 2007?

pushing past the pastThere’s a resale that caught my eye, a new construction Manhattan loft that was marketed in 2006 and closed in 2007. This Tribeca unit closed in the first offering at $1,100/ft after the developer dropped the price

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drip, drip, drip in Tribeca / the sound of price dropping (bird NOT chirping?)

  was too pushy, for sure There was a time when some Manhattan lofts were sold as white boxes — minimal finishing to qualify for a Certificate of Occupancy, but no interior walls, probably only one bath, and (often) a

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pushing on in Flatiron, but not as hard

a reader writesIn this continuing series asking the (musical?) question is that Manhattan loft too pushy on price, or not pushy enough?, I hit a candidate a while back that one MLG reader identified easily (my efforts to assure listing

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