how much pain at River Lofts? done deal (price to come) at 416 Washington Street

still can’t wait, but have to  (sigh)
The Manhattan loft #4H at 416 Washington Street (River Lofts) closed last week, with the price to be announced when it hits the public data base. So this is the second post teasing about this loft in Tribeca’s great northwest.

The first post was anonymous, in the too pushy …? thread, February 6: pushed it just enough for contract, eventually. (I am talking to you, Jess:) Go that post to see the trajectory of price changes from March 26, 2008 ($2.75mm) to the March 7, 2009 closing (off an ask of $2.2mm).

party like it is 2006
Fun (?) fact: the last asking price of $2.2mm is $25,000 above the July 2006 clearing price.


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