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2007 = 2009? Soho sellers hope so

Soho loft sold in 2004 for $750/ft in 2004, then for $1,000/ft in a Manhattan heartbeat in 2007 (8 weeks from listing to closing; those were the days…) while in "triple mint" condition. It is hardly prime Soho (at least

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what's the renovation worth? pushing it in non-loft-ville

  2 years + 1 reno = $400k (or not) Ofttimes the Manhattan loft buyer looking for ‘value‘ must go far afield, away from the loft havens (Tribeca, Soho), to make ‘a deal’. One such possible opportunity is today’s candidate

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eating crow while getting reamed / Chelsea loft goes to 30% off

oh, to be a fly on the wallImagine, if you will, the following hypothetical dialogue: Owner: "I’d love to sell, what do you think we can get?"Agent: "If we start at $1,750/ft we should get a good deal"O: "Wow! That

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VERY pushy way to (try to) flip a big loft

must be some renovationThere’s a small Manhattan loft condo conversion from last year in which the large full-floor lofts went for about $750/ft (it is not in a traditional loft [fashionable] neighborhood). They had classic loft features and finishes that

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