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the end of a $1,000/ft baseline for Tribeca coop lofts?

how the mighty have fallen (with details)There’s a very mature central Tribeca coop that has been a Manhattan Loft Guy fave for its rich data, efficient layouts and roof deck, among other reasons. The new listing there caught my eye

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2005 wasn't bad, was it?

  bet the UnderThere’s a good-sized Manhattan loft in a north Chelsea conversion from earlier this century that sold in August 2005 for $1.575mm. Because they thought that 2008 was not like 2005, they tried to sell about 20% above

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2007 = 2009? Soho sellers hope so

Soho loft sold in 2004 for $750/ft in 2004, then for $1,000/ft in a Manhattan heartbeat in 2007 (8 weeks from listing to closing; those were the days…) while in "triple mint" condition. It is hardly prime Soho (at least

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drip, drip … this data point points down from 2007 (way down)

not too pushy (now) but not selling (yet)There’s a Manhattan loft that’s been on the market nearly a year, with a sobering price history. It started this go-round in the Spring around $1,000/ft and has had four drops since then,

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eating crow while getting reamed / Chelsea loft goes to 30% off

oh, to be a fly on the wallImagine, if you will, the following hypothetical dialogue: Owner: "I’d love to sell, what do you think we can get?"Agent: "If we start at $1,750/ft we should get a good deal"O: "Wow! That

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are they fooling only each other? / 3 neighbors push, 1 smiles

regressing (meanly)I have been following a funky-but-spectacular (in its way) Manhattan loft and — after noting the last price drop (and reading a little frustration between the lines of the marketing text) — I checked on two other units in

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80 Chambers Street flies off the shelf at $1,000/ft

 how quick is quick?Check out this listing history, from our inter-firm data-base:— new to market April 28 — accepted offer May 1 — contract May 2 I don’t know whether to riff on cheesy TV Batman (POW, BAM, SOCK) or

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more eternal springing / will unsuccessful 2006 price work in 2008?

if at first you don’t succeedI saw a new Manhattan loft listing this morning in a prime loft building in a non-prime loft neighborhood that has been off the market for two years. I am not going to be more

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is it a One Bed Wonder? / keeping secrets at 249 W 29

  3,000 sq ft with 1.5 baths I missed the 11th fl at 249 W 29 St when it came out the week before last. It has many appealing classic Manhattan loft features, including 4 exposures, 28 windows, central air

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