4 years = $15,000 at 477 Broome Street

same story, different year
The Manhattan loft #33 at 477 Broome Street recently delivered a new data point, with history:
April 12, 2005 = $950k
April 29, 2009 = $965k

This history nearly precisely parallels the 2006-2009 history of a loft profiled a few weeks ago (May 8, at 260 Park Avenue South 2006 = 2009), which showed a $2,000 spread between March 2009 and July 2006 clearing prices. #33 was marketed for its "minimalism and simplicity", plus classic loft features (12+ foot ceilings, tin ceilings,Corinthian columns, big windows). The portion of the original PruDE listing captured in StreetEasy misses a critical bit of information from the original listing description in our data-base: " two flights up".

not a lot of history, but some commerce
477 Broome Street had a spate of sales in 2005 — one of those seasonal things that sometimes hits buildings. This 6-story building wasconverted to a coop in 1989, and StreetEasy shows 5 sales in 2005, and none since 2006 (other than the recent sale of #33). This very handsome cast-iron building sits in prime Soho (Green and Wooster) but — with its limited history of sales — has not commanded the premium pricing ofpremium Soho. (The single sale appreciably above $1,000/ft — again, in a very limited data set — was the November 2006 sale of the "1,399 sq ft" #22 for $2.1mm.) The lack of elevator will do that to a building.

The Broadway Panhandler that was at street level was featured in a New York Times article about the "malling of Broadway" in Soho in (wait for it) … 1995 (it had just moved from Broadway), in an article with a very peculiar headline typo: A Hime-Furnishing Shoppers’ Guide to SoHo; The Malling Of Lower Broadway, September 14, 1995. (The Panhandler is now at 65 East 8 Street, continuing a fascinating commercial march through old Manhattan; when did ti move from Soho??)

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