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noisy neighbors / what if it’s you they are complaining about?

some advice, freely given, worth …?I had one of those friend-of-a-friend-of-a-client conversations this week about a noise-related New York real estate issue that the FOAFOAC has. I was then thinking about sending the guy (let’s call him “M” to make

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low-life property manager INDICTED

13 properties, $2.1mm … so farWay back on January 30 I commented on Richard Bassik, a downtown property manager who was accused of stealing $2mm from buildings he managed and was featured in a NY Daily News article from January

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the (boring) details about building financials that can prevent your loft from selling

  especially smaller loft buildings I have heard a couple of stories in the last few weeks from an agent and a mortgage lender about how some of the arcana about a Manhattan coop’s or condo’s finances make it difficult or

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