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Broadway from Houston to Grace / 4 Sunday open houses

(remember to check the agent websites Sunday morning to see if open house is still on) 620 Broadway #3R $2.195mm and $2,100/mo for “2,700 sq ft”; so many feet, so few windows (3, with Puck Building views); at 22 feet

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1,000 ft rooftop tour / open houses at 240 E Houston + 29 W 15

  (remember to check listings Sunday to make sure the open house is still on) There are two similar Manhattan lofts holding open houses Sunday. Both are just over “1,000 sq ft”, both have private roof decks, both are nearly

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Manhattan as

  I post lasted week about “economic rent” and how “the fundamentals” must be different in Manhattan compared to most places in America, my theory being that coop and condo prices in Manhattan are driven more by demand-side issues than

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Manhattan apartment prices / more like Tom Cruise than a truck

“economic rent” explained (it is not what you think) UC Berkeley prof Hal Varian is an occasional contributor (I think) to the Economic Scene column in the NY Times business section; today’s column is provocatively entitled “Why Old Media and

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