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Miller's nuggets on Manhattan absorption: coops + downtown stronger

meaningful? maybe not until there’s more dataThe Miller has a Matrix post today chewing over some of his “absorption” data, now that he has more than a year of absorption data. He is most interested today in the 2009 to

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www is big / RE blogosphere is small

bummer (no irony … sadness)I was catching up on my Matrix reading this afternoon, when I saw The Miller’s post about Joe Ferrara of Sellsius being in ICU with a malignant brain tumor and the effort by Jay Thompson (the

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creeping Manhattan inventory a feint or more creepy?

oracle of dataOver at Matrix, Jonathan Miller links to a chart he did for Crain’s New York Business showing that the number of coops and condos available for sale in Manhattan has gone up 15% from the end of December to

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seasonality of Manhattan inventory, not so much

numbers don’t lie, but they can confuseI put this one aside a week ago, not sure what it means. I have decided it does not mean much, except that it addresses a question that people sometimes ask, and that other

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conflicted about new loft at 20 N. Moore Street [CAUTION: conflict alert]

new, with a past and a present#8E at 20 N. Moore Street is pretty new to the market (week before last), asking $3.45mm and $1,700/mo for "2,400 sq ft". I’d have blogged about it last week BUT it is my

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  bring down the duck The really old among you will remember that Groucho Marx TV show from about (forty-five?) years ago (and the really old without CRS will remember the name of it – You Bet Your Life), in

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how I love ya, how I love ya, my dear old Meme-y

  getting memed in the blogosphere brings us all together? I have been memed by Maureen McCabe at Columbus Best Blog, which makes me a meme-in-law of Joseph at Sellsius.   As Joseph says:   A meme (rhymes with dream)

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value, prices & data / theory, flaws & spin in Manhattan apartment prices

  bothered by smart guys The David Leonhardt Economix column in last week’s NY Times business section, What Statistics On Home Sales Aren’t Saying, has been bothering me. I blogged about it last week, with a link to the Matrix

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data are limited (point taken), but what next / NY Times column about the flaws in reported housing data

  Economix mixes data and opinion to complain about data David Leonhardt’s thoughtful “Economix” column this week in the NY Times highlights the conundrum of home price statistics, What Statistics On Home Sales Aren’t Saying.   His general point is

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sorry, wrong number (but still ironic) / Miller corrects the record

  year-over-year number different than quarterly decline Jonathan Miller points out on his Matrix that the NY Post article I quoted yesterday (Manhattan Bumps Real-Estate Slump) used the wrong median sale price number in comparing his report for PruDE with

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