seasonality of Manhattan inventory, not so much

numbers don’t lie, but they can confuse
I put this one aside a week ago, not sure what it

I have decided it does not mean much, except that it addresses a question that people sometimes ask, and that other people often pontificate about as if they knew (hint: they don’t). So come back here the next time someone asks….

Jonathan Miller posted a chart considering the degree to which the number of coops and condos available for sale varies within the calendar. He posted it on his Three Cents Worth collection on Curbed on March 7; it is also available on his firm’s site in a larger version.

Frankly, I see great colors but no patterns other than the mild patterns that JM points out for a rise in inventory around Labor Day and a drop in inventory towards the end of the year. Other than that, I see 7 colored lines zigging and zagging.

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