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small piece of troubled loft empire sold at 95 Greene Street

condo could use some giant stepsI was talking to 2 friends last night, both of whom are professionally informed about Manhattan residential real estate, and was surprised to learn that neither one was aware that the Condo v. Unit Owner

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serendipity: 113 Prince Street loft that took a year to sell took 113 days to file deed

nothing happens quickly here, apparentlyThe sale of the “1,490 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5ER at 113 Prince Street is another example of not new news (like in my November 23, 67 Hudson Street loft closes off 9% from 2005, with

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from Flatiron to Soho to Tribeca for serial loft owners with exquisite taste

real estate stalking is not for the squeamishRegular Manhattan Loft Guy readers know that I am a bit of a voyeur, interested in the choices that people make to buy or sell a loft, and where they go from there

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penthouse loft at 17 Greene Street sells at ridiculous (adjusted) value after chopping, chopping

maybe this will be penthouse weekEven without considering the size difference, can there be any pair of penthouse lofts in prime Manhattan loft neighborhoods more different [oops! omitted those two words in the original] than yesterday’s please-gut-me 14 Jay Street

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is publicity hurting 95 Greene Street resales?

[UPDATE – I changed the title and first sub-head just after posting, when I realized my main point was a different one … the perils of blogging!] [a substantive update from June 27 below] even as #4A closes up 13%

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16 Greene Street loft sells as endangered species (with a scarcity premium?)

(not that there’s any protection for them)It is nice that the Manhattan loft #2N floor of 16 Greene Street came with a warning label as an “authentic SoHo artists loft, a real throwback to the 70s”: “COULD BE THE LAST

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95 Greene Street, deadbeat condo owners, and small building risk

[updated]the inter-tubes are burningChristine’s Haughney’s latest Appraisal feature in the New York Times about war litigation in the condo loft 95 Greene Street has been flying around the ‘net and the twitterverse since it hit the web yesterday afternoon. A

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Greene Street block as a lab for … global economic development??

yupI don’t want to leave the impression that I regularly peruse economics blogs about global development issues, but I did come across this February 22 small blog post by an econ prof with NYU’s Development Research Institute that focused on

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rich sales data / 7 lofts with at least 4 sales

spate of lofts that recently sold for 4th timeWhen I hit the recent sale of #5F at 345 West 13 Street in my January 6, 345 West 13 Street loft is candidate for sale of the year, but the year

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8 Greene Street loft sells like 2005, with bonus square foot rant + some stalking

rich history of appreciation, stuntedIf yesterday’s post showed how tough The Market was in 2009 (it did: ground floor loft at 7 Worth St proves how bad 2009 was), today’s post will show how weak The Market has been compared

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