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huge Flatiron coop loft sale at $1,435/ft proves there is no accounting for taste

some very un-loft-y elements here at 73 Fifth Avenue Let’s start with the floor plan of the “3,100 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5B at 73 Fifth Avenue that sold for $4.45mm down at the bottom of Flatiron (northeast corner of

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crappy layout does not keep 131 Perry Street loft from $1,704/ft sale, 30% above Peak

for serious Manhattan loft brick fans, apparently Exposed brick tends to be one of those love-it-or-hate-it elements of Manhattan lofts, with a great deal of passion expressed by both camps. I suspect the main listing photo for the “1,555 sq ft”

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diversion: Lena Dunham’s parents ruin a Tribeca loft

not a sale, so a diversion, even if about a Manhattan loft Weekends on Manhattan Loft Guy are usually for diversions from outside the real estate world, but this Robin Finn story (A Lena Dunham Locale and slideshow) from the Sunday

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354 Broadway loft owners won’t freak out about recent sale

‘cuz they know what’s a free market loft sale One of the dangers of scanning StreetEasy for recent sales of Manhattan lofts is that the data can be tricky. Take the “4,004 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the  5th floor

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trading 2,862 sq ft loft in Tribeca at 168 Duane Street for 2,500 sq ft Soho at 112 Prince Street

I guess they got tired of waiting to build their dream loft The folks who just sold the “2,862 sq ft” 2nd floor at 168 Duane Street (in such prime Tribeca that it overlooks Duane Park) for $4.4mm just bought

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funky loft at 55 White Street with funky history sells quickly in misleading fashion

  not all of Tribeca is in a frenzy I am not saying that the full recent listing history of the “2,221 sq ft” triplex Manhattan loft #1C at 55 White Street is intentionally misleading, but the explicit part of

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oh dear! 292 Lafayette Street loft goes to war, slays famous neighbors

  comps, but no comparison The last time we visited 292 Lafayette Street together there was a somewhat primitive loft with somewhat famous sellers that sold at $1,033/ft. Today’s visit is occasioned by the "1,600 sq ft" Manhattan loft #2E

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85 Leonard Street loft doesn't quite zoom, but sells above ask

  nearly $2mm gain in 4 years The “2,434 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 4th floor at 85 Leonard Street (the condo name, Kitchen, Montross & Wilcox Store, is a mouthful, explained below) enjoyed an enviable but hardly unique

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penthouse loft at 420 West 25 Street did not sell a year ago, but does now (higher)

  2 in a row may not be a trend, but is interesting I hope that this post, following yesterday’s (April 30, unsold 2010 into 2011, 49 East 21 Street loft sells 18% higher), is more additional than redundant, as

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95 Franklin Street loft sells with new space (not just newly renovated space)

  the mezz makes the man, er, loft One of the hoary things you hear Manhattan real estate boosters say is that real estate here is so valuable because “it’s an island, they are not making more of it”. Of

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