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diversion is the opposite of the muck: a heartwarming story of staggering friendship

  why do people do the good things they do? This story by Bryan oops Cave Curtis on Grantland is why Grantland is Grantland: The Stokes Game tells the story of NBA player Maurice Stokes and his teammate and guardian

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diversion: late score seals the win

believe it or not, not everyone is talking about it You know the setting … late in the high stakes match a guy on the visiting team scores in a most improbable fashion just a few ticks of the clock

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diversion: do we need to see patterns where none exist?

  Big Data = opportunities Data are information, not knowledge. The New York Times Well blog post this week (Are ‘Hot Hands’ in Sports a Real Thing) is based on a study of five entire seasons of free throws in

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Sunday diversion is a B&B special that does not involve an overnight stay

one is timely and eternal, one just eternalI have commented before that Grantland has a wonderful collection of writers with a focus on sports but a wonderfully broad range of interests. In re-filling my Instapaper reader the other night I

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Sunday diversion, mf & hoops edition

those were the daysWhile Andy Pettite practices his big league stare in the Bronx, Roger Clemens stews in DC, and mothers everywhere recover from their home-made breakfasts, let’s go the the basketball courts, though not to the NBA. To DC

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weekend diversion / Final Four edition

signs the apocalypse may be upon usAmong the bizarre elements of this AP story this week out of a kidney dialysis clinic in Kentucky: (a) that the pugilists were 68 and 71 years old; and (b) that the Associated Press

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Sunday diversion: this week in kidney transplant media

been collecting a few of these disparate piecesNote to self: follow up to see how this story about a high school pitcher about to get a new kidney ends up. Kid has done a lot, 10-hour dialysis sessions and other

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this weekend diversion is Linsane, of course

no choiceIs there a bigger internet sensation this week than Jeremy Lin? And not just from the New York media. Not that I generally have my finger on the cultural pulse of the nation, but it feels inevitable that Manhattan

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67 Hudson Street loft closes off 9% from 2005, with long history

was it shy about the loss?The sale of the “1,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3D at 67 Hudson Street is not new news, as the sale was way back on May 31. Nor was it new news when the deed

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Sunday diversion / “Woody Allen & Earl Monroe” is not a buddy movie

down memory laneI came across this 1977 Sport magazine piece a month or so ago, thanks to the magic of one of the editor-thingys on Instapaper. In ‘honor’ of the doofuses running the No Basketball Anymore league, I offer it

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